About Us

Padma Animal Welfare Group (PAW Group) was founded by Tenzin Pema Kelley, who is currently a high school senior in NYC. She built the organization after seeing a huge population of starving and malnourished homeless animals during one of her trips to India.

Pema founded this organization with the mission to help animals who are most in need, that is, homeless animals in India and Nepal – the strays, the starving, the sick, and those in dire need of help.

PAW Group partners with under-resourced animal welfare organizations and volunteer groups who make our mission possible. These partners are well known in the communities for their excellent animal welfare service and commitment to animals, but challenged by lack of funding and resources.

PAW Group strives to address the funding gap of these small animal welfare groups in India and Nepal by seeking donations from people and organizations like yourself, and fund these local animal welfare partners in India and Nepal to help animals. These local partners will use the fund to provide animals in need with lifesaving food, shelter, rabies vaccination and other emergency or urgent veterinary care.

Pema believes that PAW Group alone cannot do this. She said, “It takes all of us to make our mission possible. Each one of you can contribute to the mission and be an animal HERO by donating any amount that works for you.”

What we do?

Animal Welfare Group is a volunteer-powered nonprofit dedicated to raising funds and providing effective giving to help homeless animals in dire need nationally and globally. We also educate communities and promote advocacy for animal welfare.

What do we strive for?

We envision a world free of animal suffering.

What we offer?

Raise funds to provide homeless animals with basic needs – food, shelter and veterinary care.

Provide information and resources

Promote and advocate for stronger animal-protection laws

Our Impact